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Global elevation data for web applications

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Source data

NASADEM is a global, high-quality digital elevation model, produced by NASA. Unlike many other elevation datasets, it does not have regions where data is missing, spurious bumps or artifacts.

There is more information about the source data at the official NASA website.

nasadem.XYZ is a reprocessed version of the NASADEM dataset that enables it to be easily included in web applications. The dataset has been carved up into XYZ tiles in the PNG format, which means they can be easily read by browsers, and integrated with existing mapping libraries.

The tiles can be seen in action in the demo below:

Available APIs

All API endpoints require an API key, which can be passed either as a GET parameter:

?key=API_KEY or as a header: Authorization: API_KEY

Get started

The map tiles can be fetched from the following endpoint:


The API returns a PNG image, where each pixel encodes the height at that point. The formula to convert into meters is:

let h = 256 * r + g - 32768;

where r is the pixel value in the red channel, and g that of the green channel

To convert from world coordinates (latitude and longitude) into x, y and z a number of libraries can be used.


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